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Treating Bulging Discs | NY Spine Medicine

Bulging discs are a rather common condition. In fact, many people live with bulging discs and never know because it may not cause them any pain. In many instances, it is not a serious condition. However, a bulging disc can cause pain when accompanied with a protrusion. At NY Spine Medicine we have many procedures to reduce the pain caused by a bulging disc. We stand by our philosophy of trying the least invasive procedures first and always reserve surgery as the last option, only after exhausting all other methods of treatment. We will review all of the options with you and develop a plan of recovery that works within your ideals of treatment.

Common procedures that we use for the treatment of a bulging disc include epidural steroid injection and nerve root block. These procedures are minimally invasive and cause little to no discomfort. Delivery of medication is done with a fluoroscopic guidance system that ensures the most accurate delivery of medication directly to the affected area. These procedures may be used in conjunction with other traditional treatments such as physical therapy.

Not only do these procedures alleviate pain, but they also improve or cure the underlying problem. We do not mask pain. We improve the underlying abnormalities.