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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

Total recovery from pain begins and ends with intensive physical therapy. A good physical therapy program alleviates pain and frequently helps our patients avoid surgery. If you have tried therapy in the past and were not challenged, we will recommend that you go through a treatment protocol in our facility with our rehabilitation experts.

People in pain often compensate by holding their bodies in unnatural positions – either consciously or unconsciously out of necessity. For example, sometimes a patient with knee pain will "favor" a leg, which can cause pain in their good leg or even back pain. A good therapy program is a bit like going to the gym. By "working out," you will re-build muscles that have become weak and re-align your body.

Some of our back pain patients are candidates for major open back surgery but have declined surgery in favor of more conservative and holistic care. For these patients, we expertly design programs that help strengthen the spine. Exercises are effective in both reducing pain exacerbations and preventing future flare-ups.

To successfully avoid surgery and reduce your pain, you will need to dedicate yourself to a program, and you will be challenged in our office. You will also be given home exercises, which are simple yet effective. We have helped people of all shapes, sizes, and athletic abilities learn exercises and incorporate them into their daily routines. Our professionals will create a program that works for you in a fun, relaxed environment, and they will work hard to help you achieve the goals that YOU want.

Successful physical therapy at our practice will be challenging and will advance at a pace that is comfortable for you as you recover from your pain.