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Read Testimonials from Our Patients
Irene O.
I have full confidence in Dr. Schottenstein. He really has patience and does his best to help find out what is going on. My life has gotten so much better after having just one procedure.
Naveen P.
Before seeing Dr. Schottenstein, I had severe pain in my right leg and lower back and I couldn’t do the activities that I really enjoy. After a nerve root block, I could return to skiing and SCUBA diving.
Steven C.
I can now enjoy the simple things again, like holding my grandchildren. Before having the shots I was very nervous, but Dr. Schottenstein does a great job of explaining the procedures, which put me at ease. I had terrible pain in my neck and upper back. I was gaining weight and getting out of shape very quickly. After I finally just relaxed and had the shots, I could get back to working out and I was able to lose my extra weight quickly.
Jon M.
The procedure was a little uncomfortable, but not painful. After I had the procedure my pain almost totally disappeared. It was amazing.
Jerri K.
I had focused back pain that radiated down my leg. With the epidural injections and radio frequency treatment, both of which were not painful at all, I was able to get back to playing sports. Dr. Schottenstein communicated well throughout the process and put me at ease.
Richard P.
I had pain and stiffness in my neck, radiating down my back and up one side of my head. It got so bad that I had great difficulty sleeping and sitting in a chair at work. I hate needles but Dr. Schottenstein put me at ease. The procedure didn’t hurt at all – just a pinching feeling. My life is 100% better after the shot. Don’t be afraid – get the shot!
Gina K.
I suffered from sciatic pain on my right side. The shooting pain, tightness, and tingling prevented even walking correctly. Dr. Schottenstein discussed the different choices that I had and explained the possible procedures. I am so happy, I can now get back to a normal routine. I can even run again!
Robert O.
I am always stressed when it comes to seeing a doctor, but after the second epidural I FEEL LIKE A NEW MAN! I have recommended him to my friends in similar pain.
David B.
My life was awful, every day there was pain. As far as the shot, I was apprehensive. All I can say now is, “Just do it” – get it over with. I am so glad that I did.
I had lower back and butt pain and had been diagnosed with sciatic pain. Dr. Schottenstein minimized the discomfort of the procedure and is very precise in his treatments. He is the best of the pain management doctors that I have been to.
Nan B.
Outstanding, a truly caring physician, one-in-a-million.
Robert T.
I couldn’t stand for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Now I am able to do almost all of my activities free of pain after just one injection. Dr. Schottenstein listens, is caring, and exacting.