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Frequently Asked Questions | NY Spine Medicine
Why is NY Spine Medicine superior to other centers?
What are the costs of your spine procedures?
What are the risks of your spine procedures?
What type of anesthesia do you use for interventional procedures?
Do your procedures work on spinal stenosis or foraminal stenosis?
What do I have to do to find out if I am a candidate for spine procedures at your clinic?
How many spine procedures will I require to solve my back or neck pain?
If I'm coming from out of town, how long will I have to stay in New York City?
What are my limitations after spine procedures and how long will I be out of work?
Can you help me if I have suffered from a failed open back surgery?
What do I need to do before having a procedure at New York Spine Medicine?
Why don't more surgeons use these types of techniques?
Will I need someone with me during my procedure?
How soon after the procedure can I drive?
Since I am from out of state, will I have to come back to NY Spine Medicine for a follow-up appointment after the procedure?
Are these procedures considered experimental?
Is my bulging disc or herniation going to be removed?
What is done to help the small percentage of patients that do not get any relief?
Are there any restrictions before or after a nerve block or procedure?
Does a fluoroscopic guided procedure expose me to harmful radiation?
When can I expect relief from my pain?
I am considering traveling to a “cutting-edge” facility that I researched online, Do you have an opinion about the care that I will receive?
I had a consultation from an out-of-state facility. It is going to cost a lot of money, and my insurance does not cover the procedures. Should I be wary?
When should I see a doctor about my back pain?
I have been seeing a chiropractor/acupuncturist/massage therapist for my back pain. I think they are great, but sometimes my pain returns shortly after my treatment. When should I make the decision to come to NY Spine Medicine?
Will NY Spine Medicine use holistic (or homeopathic) options to treat my pain?
At what point should someone with pain seek out or ask their doctor for a referral to a pain medicine specialist?
How are pain medicine and palliative care similar and different when it comes to patients with chronic pain caused by non-terminal illnesses?
What should patients look for when they need a reputable pain medicine physician who uses safe treatments based on research?