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Our Philosophy at NY Spine Medicine

At NY Spine Medicine, we take great pride in our ability to listen to our patients. We deliver the highest quality of care in a technologically advanced clinic that is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Our Four-Part-Plan is instrumental in helping our patients achieve long-term success:

  • Expert evaluation. An extensive look into the patient's medical history is followed by a detailed neurological and musculoskeletal exam. A thorough initial evaluation guarantees proper assessment of your pain, its source and possible condition.
  • Advanced, non-invasive medical imaging and diagnostic muscle and nerve tests. These highly accurate images are interpreted by two physicians (a radiologist and our physician). With these images we will be able to pin-point the condition that is causing your pain. These diagnostic steps allow for full assessment of the condition, and lay the groundwork for a successful recovery and treatment program.
  • Focused interventional treatment with little to no recovery time. Using fluoroscopic guidance, medication can be delivered to the exact area causing pain. Most patients experience immediate relief.
  • In-house physical therapy and rehabilitation to help maintain maximum relief. Making your body stronger will help you to stay pain-free. You will learn simple skills that you will be able to incorporate into your daily life to help avoid future pain.
Dr. Douglas Schottenstein and our expert team of therapists utilize a variety of treatment methods, including the latest advances in technology, to reduce or eliminate the problem and to decrease the possibility of recurrence. This comprehensive approach produces cost-effective results and the highest level of patient satisfaction.

The core belief of our practice is that surgery should be a last resort for treatment of your pain. We exhaust all possible medical options to help our patients recover from their pain as safely and as painlessly as possible. Our holistic approach encompasses minimally invasive procedures to relieve pain, promote healing, and prevent future injury.