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ESPN interviews Doug Schottenstein and Ed Capla about Brandon Marshall

ESPN interviews Doug Schottenstein and Ed Capla about Brandon Marshall's "Regenokine" treatment at NY Spine Medicine.

Dr. Schottenstein on the Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Douglas Schottenstein was a guest on a recent episode of the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Schottenstein was selected as one of 50 Doctors that shared some of their 'best' health tips. Watch this clip from the show to see Dr. Schottenstein's herbal answer to stress reduction.

Connecting Young Worshippers to Faith

FoxNews.com interviews Dr. Douglas Schottenstein, neurologist and international pain management specialist, about a re-invention of traditional religious practices in a synagogue located in a trendy neighborhood of Soho, a concept that was designed in order to attract young followers of Judaism to strengthen their faith in a modern setting.

New York City Neurologist Dr. Schottenstein speaks on CBS February, 2011

Dr. Douglas Schottenstein discusses the recent medical emergency experienced by CBS Reporter Serene Branson, while she was broadcasting live at the Grammys. Dr. Schottenstein, double board certified in neurology and pain management, explains some of the possible causes of the medical phenomenon.

Multimodal Management of Chronic Low Back Pain

Patient J.L. presented to pain management/neurology with complaints of low back pain and radiating right greater than left buttocks pain.

Dr. Douglas Schottenstein - Introduction

Dr. Douglas (Doug) Schottenstein is the president of NY Spine Medicine. Dr. Schottenstein is one of only 200 physicians in the nation double board certified in neurology and pain management.


ASIPP Guidelines for Interventional Strategies in Chronic Spinal Pain: Epidural Injections

Here, Dr. Schottenstein discusses ASIPP guideline recommendations on therapeutic epidural injections, including various approaches to the epidural space and chronic spinal pain conditions.

Chronic Pain and Risk Management Compendium

Chronic pain is a multifaceted disease. Recent insights into its pathogenesis hold the promise of mechanism-based pharmacotherapy, although the complex interplay of patient-specific biological and psychosocial factors that characterize chronic pain as an illness justifies consideration of all available options in our treatment armamentarium. Perhaps no illness better illustrates the need for multiple and far-ranging treatment modalities than chronic low back pain (CLBP).