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Advantages of Choosing NY Spine Medicine

The NY Spine Medicine Advantages

NY Spine Medicine AdvantagesNY Spine Medicine is dedicated to clinical excellence in treating pain and back conditions. We employ the most technologically advanced treatment protocols delivered by exceptional practitioners, and we have helped thousands of patients recover from pain that they thought they would never overcome. Because we understand that most people want to avoid surgery, we pride ourselves on being experts at keeping our patients out of operating rooms. Our innovative procedures and programs help people recover from painful conditions and can get you back to an active lifestyle.

Dr. Douglas Schottenstein is one of only 200 physicians in America who is board certified in both neurology and interventional pain management. This background gives Dr. Schottenstein and his staff at NY Spine Medicine the unique ability to utilize highly developed techniques to treat painful conditions. The advantages of receiving treatment at NY Spine Medicine include:

  • Expert management of both common and rare painful conditions, and medical, interventional and surgical techniques to effectively treat them.
  • Significant relief from pain with minimal recovery time.
  • An on-site, affiliated advanced therapy and rehabilitative center, maximizing your potential for long-term success.
  • More time to devote to our patients, as NY Spine Medicine is an outpatient facility.
  • Relatively inexpensive, cutting-edge procedures that will most likely be covered by your insurance.
  • Patient-focused treatment plans. Every patient has different beliefs regarding how to complete their treatment. Our team of professionals takes this into consideration when creating an individualized plan to fit each patient's needs.

NY Spine Medicine is at the cutting-edge of pain therapy. Our treatments focus on minimally invasive procedures, because more often than not, reducing pain to an endurable level is preferable to a risky surgery.

By assessing and addressing the direct cause of a patient's pain, surgery can usually be avoided. Our procedures also have little to no side effects; therefore, the recovery time is short and without painful healing or scarring. After most procedures, you will be back on your feet in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes, with no overnight stay required. There is very little preparation time required for a procedure. In fact, many of our patients leave work, have their procedure done, and return to work that same day.