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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative injections from blood to repair or replace damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissuesDr. Schottenstein trained extensively with famed orthopedic surgeon and scientist Peter Wehling, MD, of Dusseldorf, Germany.

Dr. Wehling originally developed Orthokine and Regenokine biological injectables, and Dr. Schottenstein performed these injections on his patients in New York and Miami under Dr. Wehling, which was the first undertaking of Regenokine on spine patients in the United States.

The journal ‘Nature’ states, “Regenerative medicine is the branch of medicine that develops methods to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissues.”

In learning regenerative strategies from Dr. Wehling, Dr. Schottenstein has expanded both his knowledge base and his interventional armament. With this in mind, Dr. Schottenstein now offers his expertise in his own patented regenerative injections, combining multiple strategies pulled from innovative medical science.

While regenerative medicine is intended for patients with typical pain conditions, Dr. Schottenstein has also treated hundreds of professional athletes with this same technique, from the following leagues:

  • NFL 205
  • NBA 63
  • MLB 160

We have watched these professional athletes excel after treatment!